Vernis Edge Paint - the perfect leather edge treatment tool

Vernis Edge Paint-完美的皮革邊緣處理工具

Vernis Edge Paint: The perfect leather edge tool

Vernis Edge Paint, originating from France, is the raw material used by HERMES. This beautiful matte edge paint gives leather goods a unique texture. This coating has a higher viscosity, allowing for a more even application and requiring fewer coats. As a result, it's quickly becoming one of the best edge paints we've found. It's very easy to use, dries quickly, and creates a beautiful high-end finish on leather. In addition, this edge paint can also be heated through the Regad accessory, adding more options.

The paint has a naturally beautiful matte finish on its own, but can also be given a gorgeous glossy finish by adding beeswax or paraffin.

High-end leather brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes all use Vernis Edge Paint from France to produce oiled edges on leather goods. The paint's high viscosity allows for a more even application, eliminating the need for excessive coats to achieve excellent results. Vernis Edge Paint works easily on edges and dries quickly to create beautiful leather pieces. If you want to further enhance the effect during use, you can also heat it with the French edge ironing machine Regad to add more layers to your work.

The advantages of Vernis Edge Paint are:

  1. Easy to apply and use
  2. Can be ironed and trimmed
  3. Can be wiped clean
  4. Has good elasticity and is not easy to break
  5. Drying quickly
  6. Excellent finished product effect

Steps to use Vernis Edge Paint:

  1. Smooth and smooth the edges
  2. Using Vernis primer, you can repair, fill or create arc effects to provide better assistance for subsequent production.
  3. Use 200~400 grit sandpaper to smooth the primer and trim it.
  4. Apply French Vernis edge oil
  5. Use 400-600 grit sandpaper to sand until smooth

By repeating the application and sanding steps above, you can create the desired edge effect. Finally, buff with beeswax and a polishing cloth to create a final gorgeous shine to the edges.

Vernis Edge Paint can be used in conjunction with a French edge ironing machine, choose a French edge ironing machine with about 8-9 gears, and use a dol dokki edge oil cone.

During the sanding process, you can lightly sand the edges lightly to add some roughness, then quickly pass in the same direction.

The entire drying process takes about ten minutes, please shake the paint well before use.


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