Latest in 2024! 12 tips on wallet Feng Shui revealed to bring you wealth


Latest in 2024! 12 tips on wallet Feng Shui revealed to bring you wealth

To welcome the arrival of the Lunar New Year, in addition to giving red envelopes, many people will also take the opportunity to change their wallets to welcome the new year. It’s not superstitious, but I would rather believe it. A wallet is a “portable treasury” that follows you every day. In addition to your favorite boutique brands and colors, you also have to know the feng shui of changing wallets and some color taboos. FOBO has sorted out 12 keys to wallet feng shui for you, so that you can not only keep money, but also increase your wealth.

Wealth and Luck Clip

1. The wallet should be used by yourself

In terms of Feng Shui, a wallet is a personal treasury and cannot be lent to others for use. If you often give your wallet to others for use, it means that lending your treasury to others will affect your financial luck and make you unable to keep your money. Money will be leaked, so it is best to use the wallet for personal use.

2. The wallet should be new and clean

If a wallet is damaged, it is like a hole in the treasury. Even if wealth comes in, it will continue to flow out. If it is too old and dirty, it means that the treasury is dirty and messy, making it difficult to retain money. Therefore, if a wallet is damaged, it is definitely a taboo; in addition, From a Feng Shui perspective, the wealth of a wallet lasts about three years. After that, the wealth will basically be exhausted. Therefore, it is best to replace the wallet with a new one after three years of use, so that the new wealth can flow continuously and uninterrupted. .

3. Disposal of old wallets

After replacing the wallet with a new one, do not throw away the old wallet at will, as this will throw away your wealth. You can empty the old wallet, and then put some unused bank cards and some old banknotes and coins that are no longer in circulation in the market. Store the old wallet well, so that your wealth will not be lost. Another method is to transform the old wallet into other items and continue to use it. If it is a leather wallet, it is suitable to be transformed into a key bag, which can also extend your own luck. The last method is to destroy the old wallet, so that you are not afraid that someone will pick up your wallet and use it, absorb your wealth, and spread the wealth.

4. Wallet style should be long clip type

Small bags are popular nowadays. Many people’s wallets are short clips, medium clips, or even small coin purses. This means that money has to be bent over every day and cannot be stretched, which is not conducive to gathering wealth. It is recommended to use long clip style. Wallet, money lies flat and comfortable in the wallet, and the wealth will last, and it will naturally be easier to keep and accumulate wealth.

5. Wallets should be placed properly

Wallets must be placed in an appropriate place and cannot be placed randomly. Many people often put their wallets on shoe cabinets, chairs, or throw them randomly in a corner of the home. This shows disrespect for the treasury and leaves the treasury at random. Littering does not help in gathering wealth. Remember that your wallet must be properly placed and permanently placed on your desk or office desk. It is not only easy to find, but also shows respect for your treasury.

6. Correct Colors to Use in Wallets

Wallet color is also an important factor affecting wealth. It is recommended that you check your own horoscopes. For example, if your horoscope is against fire, you should not use a red wallet; if your numerology is against gold, you should not use white, gold or yellow wallets. . If there is no way to check your horoscope, it is recommended that you use a dark wallet, or the following common wallet colors:

  • 1. Colors of wealth: black, deep burgundy, yellow, dark blue, yellow represents wealth.
  • 2. Colors for keeping and gathering wealth: black, brown, brown. It means being calm and helpful in managing money.
  • 3. Color of loose money that should not be touched: fiery red. Fiery red attracts wealth but you can spend money happily. Light blue represents water, and money will flow away like water. White is a clean color, but difficult to maintain.
  • Beautiful black crocodile leather short clip
  • Yellow or brown wallets belong to the five elements of earth, which represents solidity and stability. Their characteristics are to keep money, but be careful not to become a miser. Luxurious brown crocodile leather short clip

  • White, silver, and gold wallets , the five elements belong to gold, gold represents wealth, and its characteristics attract wealth. You will have a lot of money, so you must work hard to cultivate the habit of saving money.

  • Precious and rare white crocodile leather short clip
  • A flaming red wallet , the five elements belong to fire, and the fire shape is relatively scattered, which will cause people to spend a lot of money.

  • Green and cyan wallets , the five elements belong to wood, and wood represents growth, which can promote the continuous growth of a person's wealth.

  • Shiny agate stone polished green crocodile leather wallet tri-fold clip
  • Black and blue wallets , the five elements belong to water, and water represents financial resources, which can enable people to have stable financial resources and an endless supply.

  • Color like blue tears, crocodile leather wallet with changing colors
7. Keep wealth-attracting items in your wallet

If you want to help yourself keep money and attract wealth, you can keep a pair of small golden toads in your wallet. Legend has it that golden toads live in the moon palace, like to bite money, and their belly is big enough to hold the world's treasures. They are important fortune-seeking beasts and can also attract people. Wealth and peach blossom wealth. Depending on its size, the golden toad can be kept in a financial position, a cornucopia or a wallet. Purification during the full moon every month can add energy and efficacious effects.

8. Male wallet/female wallet identification

In Feng Shui, wallets are divided into male and female wallets, which are distinguished by the number of compartments inside the wallet. Odd numbers are "male wallets" and even numbers are "female wallets." Using a male wallet may result in losing money. Please choose a female wallet with an even number of compartments to make good things come in pairs.

9. Do not change at will

Some people may change wallets of different styles as their mood changes. It is recommended to change this habit, because wallets represent your own aura and wealth and need to be "cultivated" frequently. Changing them too often will change your luck.

10. Keep banknotes and change separately

Arrange the banknotes and change in the wallet, organize your wallet, and don't let the wallet deform. This way, the life of the wallet will be longer. If you have a lot of change, you can prepare a small coin bag to store it.

Messy wallet comparison

11.Wallet cannot be empty

The wallet is the "treasury" we carry with us, because in Feng Shui, an empty treasury is taboo, which means the emptiness of money. Therefore, we should keep a few large bills in our daily wallets at all times, which not only symbolizes abundant money, but also can better attract wealth.

12. Placement of wallet

There is a Feng Shui saying that "wealth should not be revealed". Some people leave their wallets everywhere, such as on the shoe cabinet at the door after entering the door, or on the sink in the toilet when using the toilet. This will expose the wallet to these unclean things. The pollution of gas increases the risk of losing money.

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