Strap Nile Crocodile Leather Lange Omega IWC Strap Grey

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Size: 10*10

Strap Nile crocodile leather Lange Omega IWC watch strap gray


Width 18~24mm * Length 78/120mm (can be customized to size)

Width 10~17mm * Length 75/115mm

Fabric leather : Nile crocodile leather

Bottom leather: HAAS water-repellent calfskin

Core material: two layers of cowhide

Color: Onyx polished gray

Craftsmanship: Hermès craft sewing

Edge: crocodile leather edge

Wire: Fil au chinois wire

illustrate: The gray Nile crocodile leather strap combines the high-grade HAAS water-repellent calfskin base material imported from France and high-grade Nile crocodile leather to create the ultimate fusion of fashion and taste. It not only improves the texture of the strap, but also injects a new look into the appearance of the watch. The luxurious texture of crocodile leather and exquisite craftsmanship give this strap a new look, like putting on an extremely luxurious coat for the watch. This upgrade not only embellishes the watch, but also reflects the rhythm of your taste and lifestyle. Whether paired with clothing or worn daily, this alligator leather strap brings a new visual and tactile experience, blooming with the elegance and sophistication of gray rhythm.

All raw materials come from France

Handmade manufacturing from Taiwan

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