Leather bag edge oil VERNIS leather bag repair leather bag handicraft material edge oil repair leather bag edge professional repair agent

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color: 105 primary colors

Leather Bag Edge Oil VERNIS Leather Bag Repair Leather Bag Handicraft Materials Edge Oil Repair Leather Bag Edge Professional Repair Agent

Product: leather edge paint {leather edge paint}

Usage: leather goods production, leather bag edge repair

– High coverage – Adheres to all types of surfaces – Flat surfaces

Glossiness: matte, mercerized, glossy (only matte in stock)

Capacity: 125ml

Origin: France

1. The leather cuts are clean and trimmed if necessary. The preliminary preparation of the slab will determine the final quality.
2. Apply first coat, let dry, then lightly sand to create a porous surface
* Repeat until desired effect is achieved. The number of coats depends on the desired result. It is recommended to apply 2 or 3 coats Recommended edge oil tools:
* Edge oil pen
* Sponge brush pen
* Edge oil roller
* Industrial edge oiling machine is not recommended for spraying

Recommended drying time between each coat is approximately 30-90 minutes (temperature between 20° and 25°)
Recommended final drying time is at least 24 hours. If the leather has multiple layers, it is recommended to use a primer to make the cuts smoother.

Introduction: Hermès is designated to use edge oil manufacturer brands. It has been engaged in this industry for 50 years. You can choose the basic color and make it yourself. The basic color can be ordered according to the group purchasing method of Fubao Crocodile Workshop.

Customized colors cannot be returned or exchanged, and items cannot be returned or exchanged after they have been opened and used.

Agent: Fubao Crocodile Workshop Co., Ltd.

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We are a specialty store of crocodile wallets, belts, watch straps, and leather bags. We provide the most crocodile leather colors and styles in Taiwan, and create your dream bag at the best price.

The crocodile leather expert has specialized in the field of crocodile leather for 40 years, and has the most professional cobbler and designer team and expert leather craftsmen to create the dream bag you want.

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