Classic black lizard leather zipper bag is mysterious and elegant, practical and versatile

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Classic black lizard leather zipper bag is mysterious and elegant, practical and versatile

Dimensions: Width 20 x Length 11.5 x Thickness 2.5 CM / W7.87" x H4.53" x D1" inch

Leather : lizard skin

Color: glossy black

Style : 22 card slots, 2 banknote slots, 1 laminated slot, 1 zipper slot, 1 passport slot

design: Loose-leaf sandwich design, can hold passports, checks, notepads, etc.

Weight: 0.19 Kg / 0.42 Lb

Technology: Mechanical sewing

Edge: imported edge oil edge

Wire: COATS wire

Inner leather: imported calfskin

Hardware: YKK zipper

Description: This zipper bag is in deep glossy black, combined with the texture of lizard skin. This is a fascinating combination of colors and materials, with a mysterious and elegant style, shining like a star in the night sky Incessantly. This deep black hue represents luxury and independence and gives your style a unique edge.

First of all, the deep black appearance exudes a sense of mystery, as if wrapped in endless secrets, and the texture of the lizard skin gives it more layering. This sense of mystery adds an enigmatic aura to the long clip, making it eye-catching and engaging. At the same time, this elegant hue and unique lizard leather texture make it ideal for classic clothing and accessories that can enhance your overall style and make you more charming.

Deep black is perfect for a variety of occasions, whether you're attending a formal dinner party or spending a relaxing weekend away, this color will blend perfectly with your style, highlighting your confidence and class. It is a symbol of fashion and a color favored by designers because it gives any object a unique sense of luxury and enhances its texture.

Deep black also symbolizes independence and tenacity, evoking resolute determination and fearless self-confidence. This color often appears in jewelry and high fashion, representing taste and luxury. The use of lizard skin gives it more specialness and highlights the luxury of the material. All in all, this deep glossy black lizard leather long zipper clip exudes mystery, elegance, luxury and independence, and can add a touch of stylish luxury to your style, whether as jewelry or as a personal accessory.

Handmade manufacturing from Taiwan

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Fubao Crocodile Workshop

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