How to choose leather hand stitching thread? Three major features! Fil au Chinois sewing thread from France

皮革手縫線怎麼挑選?三大特點! 來自法國的費爾金手縫蠟線 Fil au Chinois sewing thread

How to choose leather hand stitching thread? Three major features! Fil au Chinois sewing thread from France

Quality yarns made in France since 1847
Main customers: HERMES... and other hand-sewn and customized works of Fubao Crocodile Workshop, all use Felkin yarn

For craft enthusiasts, this brand represents a legend . In the process of hand-sewing leather goods, it is necessary to pull threads in each thread hole and make the thread pulling force consistent, so that the stitches will be neat and beautiful, so the selection of thread materials is more important.

Fil au wax thread features:

1. Durable use, not easy to break

2. The colors are colorful and gorgeous, and the color is full. There are many colors to choose from, which is a major feature and advantage.

3. The wire itself must be of consistent thickness and waxed evenly, which requires very strict and demanding requirements! The sutures of leather goods require a certain amount of wax to avoid abrasion and burrs on the wires when sewing and pulling.

4. In Fubao, you can choose your favorite color to customize leather goods. You can make more choices, try more changing styles, and try to contrast colors to create different sparks.

The history of Fil au Chinois sewing thread made in France

High-quality sewing thread produced in France since 1847, and until the early 20th century, Fil Au Chinois was one of the most famous sewing thread brands in France and Europe. For enthusiasts, the brand represents a myth. Fil Au Chinois might have disappeared if not for the determined will of two entrepreneurs from the north, Olivier and Bruno Toulemonde, who realized that Fil Au Chinois represented a small part of France's cultural heritage. To recapture the spirit and quality of the beautiful packaging that made Fil Au Chinois such a success, they enlisted the collaboration of Frédérique Crestin-Billet, a passionate collector and the architect of the revival of the brand Sajou. The Au Chinois brand was registered in November 1847 by the Lille company founded 20 years earlier by François-Philibert Vrau. This registration is based on a new clue method: the coil is tied with a label and placed in a box. But the Au Chinois brand really showed its value in the 1850s, when Philibert Vrau, the son of his predecessor, joined the company. This extraordinary man lived an extraordinary life. Philibert Vrau (1829-1905) was single by choice and always strived to make the best possible run of his business company so that the profits could be used for various social causes. An important entrepreneur in Lille, he was one of the main founders of the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts in Lille (Icam). As for the Vrau family's operations, he showed extraordinary business acumen. His success is well worth emulating, especially when we know he never spent all his time doing it. And success did come: sales increased from 282,000 boxes in 1864 to 1,950,000 boxes in 1875. If it is known that there are 48 50-meter rolls of thread in a box, then at the peak of sales this would be equivalent to 93 million rolls of thread, which is the amount of thread used by every French person per year at that time! However, like many brands from the north of France, Fil Au Chinois went through a long period of decline: first, the popularity of sewing machines in households dealt a serious blow to the use of linen thread, and then industrial difficulties and inappropriate business policies etc. While the production of Fil Au Chinois continues to decline, interest in all advertising items and vintage products continues to grow in the minds of collectors. The name of this Fil Au Chinois sewing thread can be traced back to the time when Orientalism was popular in France. Interest in the East became very popular after the Egyptian expedition led by Napoleon (the future Napoleon) in 1798. France's occupation of Algeria in 1830 and the opening of China and Japan twenty-five years later further intensified interest in the East. The birth of the Au Chinois brand coincides with this cultural movement. And the idea was great because it created a character that was easily identifiable and became a myth.


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